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Photo by Gerd Altmann — Pixabay free


Sedentary Lifestyles and Loss of Sensory Perception

A cement statue of a headless figure with hands in prayer position in a cemetary
Photo by Andrew Martin — Pixabay free

Photo of my living room wall — This is the stylized memory of my beloved wife condensed into four songs (two by Pink Floyd and two by Fleetwood Mac) — Memento -> She was a Gold woman, shining like a diamond, wish she was here, the sky is the limit to get in touch again.

Public domain pictures — Pixabay free

All a Game

A butterfly among beautiful green and yellow flowers foliage.
Photo by Piya-Bo Nguluam — Pixabay free


Storyteller following my narrative self — Freedom is my middle name — “Be Open” Guest Curator

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