A cement statue of a headless figure with hands in prayer position in a cemetary
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A long time ago, when we were hunter-gatherers and roamed the world, our sensory-perceptual abilities (visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile including manual skills) were much more developed than they currently are.

Today’s sedentary life forces us to do workouts in the gym to make up for the weakening of the muscles due to lack of movement. Dexterity has become scarce since everything can be bought and there is no longer a need to build something. …

Photo of my living room wall — This is the stylized memory of my beloved wife condensed into four songs (two by Pink Floyd and two by Fleetwood Mac) — Memento -> She was a Gold woman, shining like a diamond, wish she was here, the sky is the limit to get in touch again.

People die, of course. Death is part of life and deserves respect, but when it touches someone who is very close to you, the perspective in which you see Life changes forever.

It was July 2017 when my wife, who had never experienced any problems, was taken to the hospital because she was not feeling well.

It seemed like a passing malaise, but after fifteen days she died in hospital without being able to be surrounded by the affection of her loved ones for her birthday. She turned sixty, years lived lightly, and died prematurely from pancreatic cancer.

I watched…

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Only a stupid being like homo sapiens can poison himself.

We grew up steeped in competition, repudiating collaboration because it is contrary to the myth of continually raising the bar.

We have lost the meaning of life which is to gift, not to hoarding.

We got mesmerized by the infinite growth that presupposes the exasperated consumption of common natural resources: air, water, and earth.

We chased after the god of money with whom happiness cannot be bought and we bowed to technology, deluded that everything can be fixed.

Will we change?

Be Open Says;

Everyone can contribute to this Open Poem!

Photo Provided By Author— somewhere in Ireland

How many times have we lacked the space to cultivate our emotions?
How many times have we stolen it from others? And how many times have we filled it with useless and harmful things?

For me, space is vital, even in relationships, where space must be shared, we must always keep some space for ourselves. There must always be an inviolable space, a sanctuary inaccessible to others where we can take refuge and find ourselves.

There are days where this space embraces the world, others only my desk, the one where I write, absorbed in my thoughts.

There are public…

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It is well known that Africa has a lower average age than industrialized Countries. There, if you are not in perfect shape, you can die.

Since Africans have far more serious diseases than Covid-19, the low number of deaths due to the virus is probably due to the fact that their immune system is stronger than ours (rather than a mere factor of cases registration) despite the fact their nutrition is more deficient of ours.

We are trying to create a vaccine for Covid-19, part of a long chain of viruses that have previously attacked us, but it would be…

Photo by Sammy-Williams — Pixabay free

Sometimes fate awaits us at the gate to test us, sometimes the tests of life are very severe and leave us deep scars.

There are traps to stay away from and often we must have the courage to wait for events to change for the better.

We need to recognize when it is the right time to take risks and when to wait on the riverbank while the wind whistles and the storm rages.

We need to know how to listen to time, observe things happening in order to perceive the narrow line between the obvious and the extraordinary.


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The rain defines the fleeting border between the known and the unknown, between life and death.

It is the abundant rain of a moonless night that can make us savor the pleasure of arcane knowledge, the one now overwhelmed by the deafening din of the lobotomized multitudes that annihilate the earth.

It is the rain that brings us back to our origins, the one that falls solemnly from the sky regardless of our pain, our problems, and our joys; it falls, quenching the earth’s thirst, enslaving its destiny.

The border, that is, the limit that always exists in everything can…

A butterfly among beautiful green and yellow flowers foliage.
Photo by Piya-Bo Nguluam — Pixabay free

What if it’s all a game? Would it be worth playing anyway?

But what if it was a challenge? Would it be appropriate to accept it?

What if it was all due to chance? What sense would it make every day to commit to a better future?

But what if someone moves the mixer levers and changes the music we listen to? Would it still make sense to believe in free will?

What if, simply, there were no answers to these questions and giving oneself a purpose was the real purpose, that is, to live the present moment without hesitation…

Photo by Devanath — Pixabay free

We like the new, think outside the box and act differently from the supine mass to the will of others.

Each of us is different and inestimably unique and we do not want to get confused with the common way of thinking.

We appreciate those who shine by their own thoughts.

Safe ports in the great ocean of Life or windswept islands

Souls searching to share precious emotions and thoughts.

We seek the way beyond known borders; we are insatiable explorers of truth.

Travellers of space and time, fast as thought in search of places where everything is nothing


Photo by Third Serving on Unsplash

When you love do it really, do it all the way without sparing yourself, do it without fear so that you have no remorse. Life is not made for the fearful and pushes us to courageous choices, leave doubts to those who breathe halfway, breathe deeply.

When you look around observe before speak, the world is full of crumbling speakers repeating nonsense words. Don’t be like them, stand out from the crowd of unable to listen, from the sheep that follow the common thought, hold on to yours.

When you question yourself do it seriously, when you read do it…


Storyteller following my narrative self — Freedom is my middle name — “Be Open” Guest Curator

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