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In a viral infection, both the host and the virus tend to have a reproductive advantage: the host develops defenses, the virus undergoes continuous changes. All viruses are subject to mutation because the mutation makes them different from the original version and therefore less identifiable and attackable by our immune system.

Natural selection favors viruses with low pathogenic power (i.e. those that do not kill the host by allowing themselves to live). Many viral infections are in fact asymptomatic.

It is likely that since the first appearance of Covid-19 there has been more than one mutation and perhaps there is…

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It is well known that Africa has a lower average age than industrialized Countries. There, if you are not in perfect shape, you can die.

Since Africans have far more serious diseases than Covid-19, the low number of deaths due to the virus is probably due to the fact that their immune system is stronger than ours (rather than a mere factor of cases registration) despite the fact their nutrition is more deficient of ours.

We are trying to create a vaccine for Covid-19, part of a long chain of viruses that have previously attacked us, but it would be…

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The main search engines utilization is now as follows:

81% Google: the most used search engine in the world, its AI is powered by data on the internet (which mostly have a male identity, Western and Caucasian connotations).

5% Bing: Microsoft, provides similar results as Google

2% Yahoo: Powered by results from Bing and Google.

About 90% of internet searches acquire data from the same base and propose answers through the same AI algorithms.

Google has become the main oracle to ask questions.

Baidu 10%: it is the most used in China and is powered by its own AI.


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I am no longer young, but like everyone else I have projects, the difference compared to the younger ones is that I have less time available to carry them out.

These months of the pandemic have created a long pause in which everything has remained suspended: projects, ideas, initiatives, dreams, and desires; everything crystallized as time passed without being able to stop it.

But the time passed is lost forever and I, that count the good years still ahead, those in which body and head are able to work together, realize that a piece of my life has been wasted.

Listen to people instead of proceeding by trials (& errors)

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The Covid-19 frenzy circus seems to have started again (to tell the truth it never finished) so instead of spreading panic everywhere, it is better to try to listen to what people are saying and proceed with good sense.

My suggestion is to go along with these directions:

· A few core rules based on good sense instead of a plethora of rules difficult to understand and judge, avoiding the continuous release of what in Italy is called DPCM (Decreto del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri — like the ‘executive…

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The slow passing of time consumes everything: life, emotions, carelessness, mistakes, incapacity, successes, and honors.

But dreams remain intact, time does not scratch them and they are the only real jewels we possess, the rest are only ephemeral things of limited value.

Money helps but does not give happiness, but the fulfillment of dreams does. The daily worry tended to accumulate is a lethal gas that floods our lungs and leads us to death, relegating us to a dreamless existence.

Dreams are tensions towards the future, drops of dew in the radiant morning that floods us with light, moments of…

Covid… 19 and beyond

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I am not a virologist, neither a doctor, my conjectures are based just on my informatic expertise so, please, read my assumptions in this framework.

The purpose of any virus is to survive in the body it has infected, the death of the host means its death so this is not its primary purpose, but rather an unwanted side effect. Its purpose is to become a permanent presence in our body like many other viruses that already inhabit us.

We have created vaccines to defeat it, once infected by the virus our immune system is able…

Climate change

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An article by Dr. Fausto Gusmeroli.

Climate change places the need for humanity to quickly find an energy alternative to fossil fuels. Neither methane nor coal is in fact capable of replacing oil, both because their reserves are not so high and because they have the same CO2 emission problems (lower in methane, higher in coal). Nuclear energy, while not producing greenhouse gas emissions in itself, is not currently a viable alternative, due to the costs, the complexity of the construction of the plants, the connections with the war industry, and, above all, the problems of disposal of…

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Storyteller following my own narrative self — Freedom is my middle name

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